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10 Off Season Pool Maintenance Tips For Your Swimming Pool.


1) Be sure to use a Poly-Quat Algaecide a couple of weeks before taking off your pool cover:

The PoolTown Pros recommend using PoolTown 60% which is a highly concentrated Algaecide that will help prevent the growth of hard to kill mustard, black and blue-green algae types.

2) Check your filter system weekly for any kind of water build up:

Any kind of water build up can cause expensive repairs you'll have to make in the Spring. The water will freeze and expand causing cracks in your filter, pump and plumbing lines.

3) Be sure to keep your Winter Cover clear of any water or debris:

It is highly recommended to always remove any leaves, sticks or water that accumulates on the Winter Cover during the off season. Doing so will help extend the life of your Winter Cover and also make it much easier to remove from the pool in the Spring. To remove the water, the PoolTown Pros recommend using The Cover Saver (Siphon Pump) or The Dredger (1250GPH Cover Pump).

4) Periodically check you Winter Cover to make sure that everything is good to go:

For above ground pools, check the cable and winch making sure that it is really tight and fitted properly on the pool.

For in-ground pools, check all of the water bags making sure they are full and positioned properly. If using a Safety Cover, make sure the springs are tight and the cover isn't sagging.

5) If you have an above ground pool, make sure your air pillow is inflated and positioned in the center of pool:

The use of an air pillow will help protect the walls of your swimming pool from getting damaged. When the water in your pool freezes, it expands and puts a ton of pressure on the pool walls. An air pillow will contract and absorb all of the pressure from the expanding ice. PoolTown offers air pillows in the following sizes (4'x4' and 4'x8').

6) Add chlorine to the pool if the weather is warm:

If the weather is on the warm side, it is highly recommended to pull the cover back on one end of the pool and dump in some liquid chlorine to help against any kind of algae outbreak.

7) Use and enzyme treatment to help break down organic material:

The PoolTown Pros recommend using Pool Perfect w/ PhosFree to help break down any organic materials. The natural enzymes will gently biodegrade an organic materials and the Phosfree will remove any phosphates from the pool water. Using this product help keep the pool water crystal clear during the Winter months.

8) Pay attention to the water level in the pool while it is closed for the season:

If the water level in your pool is low, you should add some water to help prevent the cover from sagging causing damage the pool structure and winter cover itself.

If the water level in your pool is high, use a cover pump so that the pool doesn't overflow.

9) Keep your eye on the weather during the off season:

If you get a lot of rain, make sure you drain the excess water off of the cover. Doing so will help extend the life of the cover and make it easier to take off in the Spring. If the weather is warm while the pool is covered, use and algaecide and chlorine to help prevent the any algae outbreaks.

10) Protect your pool cover from having to much snow on it:

The PoolTown Pros recommend using a long, soft broom to get off as much snow as you can. This will help keep any excess weight off of your pool cover extending its life and also helps to prevent any damage to the structure of the pool.

If you have any tips that have really helped out over the years, please feel free to leave a comment.


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