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Are You Thinking About Purchasing A DreamMaker Spa?


Here's some helpful hints from the PoolTown Pros to keep in mind when purchasing a DreamMaker Spa.


We’re sure you’ll find many ways to use your new spa, including entertainment and recreation, relaxation and peaceful solitude, healing and wellness, and quiet conversations and romance. Keep these purposes in mind when you choose which model you’ll order and its location in your home.


Will your spa be installed in a location adjacent to your house? The closer it is, the more you can expect to enjoy it. A patio or deck just outside the home offers a convenient option; just be sure the deck is constructed to support the weight of the spa you choose. Dream Maker Spas are some of the most lightweight models available on the market today, and many owners choose to place them on decks near their home.


Is there natural privacy in the location you want to install your hot tub? Tall plants and shrubs can create privacy and a cozy atmosphere outdoors, or consider installing panels designed for this purpose.


Your home’s climate may be a factor in where to place your spa so that you can use it comfortably throughout the year. Think about whether your hot tub should be placed in direct sunlight, or if you need protection from wind on cold evenings in the winter.


What is the scenic backdrop for your private oasis? Can you take in a sunset or enjoy attractive landscape? Consider the view from your spa when determining placement.


Watch for standing water or puddles; you might need drains or grading to be sure water will flow away from where your spa will be placed.


Installing your new Dream Maker Spa couldn’t be simpler. After filling your spa, just plug it in to any standard outlet for power. If you prefer, our models can be hardwired by an electrician.

Visit a PoolTown near you and speak with a PoolTown Pro for more information about our DreamMaker Spas.

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