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Why A Doughboy Pool Liner Is A Wise Investment? Don't Get Tricked By The Competition!!

Book your Spring Doughboy liner replacement early by contacting our Service Department (313)790-3729!

Did you know that PoolTown is the only local company carrying a TRUE 20 MIL or 25 MIL swimming pool liner for your AboveGround Pool?

Don't get tricked by the competition into thinking that their 20 or 25 gauge liner is equal to 20 or 25 MIL.

We've already been hearing from customers in our retail stores this Spring that the competition is stating that their 20 gauge liner is the same as a Doughboy. THIS COULDN'T BE FARTHER FROM THE TRUTH!!

A 20 gauge liner measures at approximately 12 MIL and a 25 gauge liner measures approximately 16MIL.

Our liners are 40%-80% heavier in both weight and thickness than the competition.

Our liners are the same weight and thickness on both the sidewall and the bottom. The competition will typically make their sidewall thicker than their bottom and will only advertise the sidewall thickness (EX: 20 Gauge Sidewall and 14 Gauge Bottom).

Our liners will last 50%-90% longer than the competition. PoolTown 10-15 years and the competition 2-5 years


How Can Doughboy Pools Give A 100% Warranty On All Liner Seams?

Call Joe at the PoolTown Service Department (313) 790-3729 to get on the list for a Spring Doughboy liner replacement.

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