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Hot Tubs & Your Health: Rehabilitation

How do you rehab? We do it in a SunRise or DreamMaker Spa!!

Professional sports organizations, trainers and therapists all recommend hot tub therapy to help with the rehabilitation process from sports injuries. Using a spa for rehabilitation helps to speed up the recovery time of an injury so the sports player can get back to the game sooner.
Although professional athletes involved in physically demanding sports tend to use this method of treatment regularly, that doesn’t mean that they are the only ones. Anyone with muscle injuries can use this form of rehabilitative action to help treat sore muscles and joints.
Hydrotherapy rehabilitation is achieved through warm water temperatures and pressure which stimulates blood flow around the problem area. This allows for oxygen to be provided to cells and allows pain-causing chemical build ups to be removed from the affected area. This process helps to reduce the time required to rebuild and repair damaged muscles. Most physical problems such as reduced mobility, limited joint movement, muscle spasms, weakened muscles and bad posture all can be improved through the process of hydrotherapy.
It is recommended to relax in the hot water for up to 15 minutes and then remove yourself from the water and let your body come back to normal temperature before soaking in the warm water again.
Owning your own spa provides you with access to hydrotherapy rehabilitation to be achieved in the comfort of your own home. Sunrise Spas has plenty of options for you to choose the right spa to suit you.
** It is recommended to consult with a doctor before using hydrotherapy to help with rehabilitation to make sure it is right for you.**


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