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PoolTown Pool Buyers Guide

temp-post-imagePoolTown Pool Buyers Guide

  • PoolTown and Doughboy understand that there are many choices to consider in today’s above-ground pool market. That’s why we want to help you become a more informed buyer.

  • Doughboy pools are the single most adaptable pools on the market today. Whether you want an above-ground pool or an in-ground look, Doughboy has the answer! Doughboy pool’s unparalleled strength and quality are unmatched in the industry.

  • Doughboy invented the first portable pool over 60 years ago and PoolTown has been an extremely proud dealer since 1960. Since then it has been our goal to give our consumers peace of mind about the longevity, maintenance, and safety of a Doughboy pool.


Steel or Resin?

  • With Doughboy, your choice between the two are equal. Doughboy pool frames are designed to last, whether they are made from steel or resin.

  • The only choice you will need to make is deciding which of our beautifully designed pools you want in your backyard.

Safely Designed for Peace of Mind

  • No one takes the issue of pool safety more seriously than we do: Our ground-breaking work with the US Consumer Products Safety Commission, whose motto is “Saving Lives and Keeping Families Safe”, has resulted in an industry-leading safety program that is a part of every Doughboy pool.

Memories For A LifeTime

  • At PoolTown and Doughboy, we know the number one reason people buy a pool is to make memories – so we build our pools to last for a “Lifetime of Memories”. Our top-of-the-line pools are under warranty for the entire time you own them!

  • PoolTown offers an excellent assortment of Doughboy pool sizes in both round and oval configurations to perfectly compliment your backyard.

  • Be assured that when we give you a pool dimension it is a “true” size based on the inside pool wall. Our pools also have a “true” vertical and top rail measurement. These dimensions are measured by a straight vertical dimension – not a wrap-around measurement of the rail. For example, a 24' round Doughboy pool has an actual swimming area of 24'. The competitions 24' round, who uses the wrap-around measurement of the top rail, actual swimming area may be only 22' depending on the width of the top rail. DON'T GET TRICKED!!!!


  • Made from heavier copper bearing steel than industry standards for a stronger pool wall. Ours are 30-60 lbs. heavier than other brands. Be sure to ask the competitors what the weight of their pool wall is. You'll be shocked what they tell you!!

  • A Doughboy Exclusive! – Our Zinc Clad Hot-Dipped Galvanized Steel Wall receives numerous protective coatings, along with a special Epoxy coating on the inside of the pool wall providing the best defense against corrosion and condensation.

  • Deep, balanced corrugation offers wall flexibility and vertical strength. Doughboy pool walls have more corrugation per inch than any other brand.

  • Exclusive! Slide-Bar wall connector continuously joins the pool walls together for complete structural integrity and ease of assembly. This creates a seamless and smooth swimming environment.

  • Unlike our competitors, we do not use unattractive nuts and bolts that weaken the wall structure. Not only do the nuts and bolts weaken the wall structure, they also cause the much thinner liner they provide you with to puncture prematurely.

Vertical End Caps – “the Anchor” of any Pool

  • Doughboy vertical end caps are made from 18 gauge galvanized steel – 50% heavier than most brands. This provides added stability at the base and the top of the pool. Ask to see our Doughboy vertical end caps so that you can compare them to the competitions vertical end cap. They are not even in the same league!!

  • Exact, pre-punched holes assure structural integrity and allow for a more precise installation. The competition uses slotted holes which cost less to produce but weaken the stability of their pools. Test and compare us to other brands by vigorously shaking the top rail. You can feel the stability!

Steel Verticals

  • Made from better-than-industry-standard gauge steel which increases stability. (Approximately 50% heavier than other brands)

  • Doughboy steel verticals are made with 3-piece construction for extra strength and rigidity.

  • All steel verticals and top rails are coated with a 7-step coating process on both sides to insure maximum corrosion resistance and superior durability.

Top Rails (Top Seats)

  • Steel top rails made from 20 gauge steel are sturdier than our competitors’ rails. That’s because we understand the top rails get more use than any other part of the pool.

  • Count the number of verticals and top rails and compare – we provide more than any other brand – increasing the strength and lifetime performance! The verticals on a Doughboy are spread out 48" where the competition can be anywhere up to 56" in between the verticals. The less amount of verticals on the pool, the less strength the pool structure has. Be sure to ask the competition so you can compare!!

All Doughboy Pools Have…

  • Com-Pac II™ Oval Support System with steel construction that offers a stylish, one-part tapered design that only exposes 9"of the support for a more attractive appearance. This helps accommodate larger pool models in smaller backyards. Many of our competitors do not utilize a "spa saver system" and the oval supports extend out 33.5". We like to call these "ANKLE BREAKERS" and its ancient technology.

  • Interlocking frame structure adds strength and stability to our pools. Plus it’s easier to install!

Bottom Rails

  • Premium-gauge steel used for the bottom rails is made with a 7-step process to insure a long, trouble free life. They are backed with a 100% lifetime warranty!

Doughboy Skimmers

  • Have more skimming surface area that removes surface debris much faster!

  • Allow for more pool water height fluctuation – reducing the need to frequently add water!

  • Hold twice the water volume than the competition’s so called “wide-mouth skimmers”! Theirs just funnels water into a smaller opening, restricting the amount of water flowing through the skimmer outlet!

  • Have a basket that is twice the size of the competition – for fewer trips to clean it! The magnum weir in our skimmer prevents trapped debris from re-entering the pool when the pump is switched off.

  • Have an exclusive vacuum port built into their faceplate enabling direct hookup of vacuums! Other skimmers connect over the top rail or through a separate plate that is near the water’s surface. Their design can draw in air that can cause the pump to fail! Be sure to ask your PoolTown pool specialist to show you the difference between the two. I think you'll agree that the Doughboy system is 1000 times better.

  • Have warranties four times longer than the competition’s 90-day warranties!


  • 100% Virgin-Vinyl Formula. No Reprocessed Material is Used. Manufactured by Doughboy to our rigid specifications to provide a soft, flexible, top-quality liner.

  • Manufactured with a specialized formulation proven over the years for superior quality. Materials used in formulation have low-temperature plastizers and stabilizers to assure low-temperature flexibility and durability. Our liners are the highest quality liners on the market today.

  • Extruded in our own manufacturing facility and assembled using the latest technological processes. Our ExclusiveTherma-Seal™ Technology, a proprietary fusion method, provides superior sealing for maximum durability and quality. We are so confident in the seam that we back all of our liner seams with a 100% lifetime warranty.

  • Exclusive! 20 and 25 Mil “True” Expandable Liners are designed to expand smoothly into an Optional Special-Purpose Deep Swimming Area for Underwater Swimming Only. No Jumping. No Diving.

  • All Doughboy liners exceed industry standards for weight and thickness assuring our liners will out perform our competition. Our liners are a “True Mil” measure. Don’t be confused by the “gauge” game our competitors play. Some will call their liner 20 gauge or 20 weight when they really measure only 15 Mil (.015”) in thickness or less. For example, a 20 Mil 18' round Doughboy liner weighs approximately 73lbs and a 20 gauge 18' round competitors liner weighs approximately 41.5lbs.

  • Be sure to ask to see the weights!! Dont get tricked by the competition into purchasing something which will not hold up long in our Michigan climate.


Stainless steel panels – fact or fiction?

  • Some above-ground pools today have stainless steel panels at the skimmer opening to prevent rusting of the pool wall. This solution will cause a problem called “Dissimilar Metal Corrosion” (when two different types of metals – ie. galvanized steel and stainless – are bolted together). Over time this will cause the wall at the two connection points to rust away and lead to pool failure. In the past, this type of pool panel was nicknamed a “Blow-out Panel” as a result of the corrosion. This practice also takes away from the beauty of your pool.

  • Doughboy’s procedures include a flattened area in the corrugation around our skimmer/return openings. A special U-gasket is used to protect the raw edge of the steel to assure a no-leak skimmer installation.

  • Our walls also have the most advanced coatings, further protecting them from the elements. This eliminates the need for a stainless steel panel, and maintains the structural integrity and beauty of your Doughboy pool!

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